BOLR Update: Letter From Union

BOLR Members:
CLICK HERE for the letter from SEIU Local 32BJ details BOLR’s understanding with the Union on several issues due to the current state of affairs in our industry.  This letter does not cover every incident that may come up in the days and weeks ahead but should serve as guidance for the issues defined herein.
Please note that the three (3) week notice provision of Article 26, Section 26.2 (Reduction of Work Force) has been waived.  However, notice is still required to be sent by Employers to the Union when you are reducing the work force as a result of COVID – 19 Virus.  This notice should be sent to the Union as soon as possible and should provide the when, where and who for the location in question.  Please note that all other provisions of the Contract still apply (e.g. seniority).
BOLR is committed to working closely with the Union in these tying times.
I thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.
Bob Martin
President, BOLR