City Updates

BOMA Members:
The Shared Public Spaces Committee is making progress!
A number of our BOMA Members are actively involved in helping make change happen by serving on the committee.
The goal is simple.

Improving the quality of life for everyone involved.

The Sidewalk Pilot Program, funded in part by BOMA Member Buildings, has shown very positive results. Homeless Outreach social workers, accompanied by a Philadelphia Police Officer, has provided the impetuous needed for individuals to accept the help they so desperately require. Thank you for your generosity. Together we can make a difference. BOMA Philadelphia thanks all of our member buildings that have willingly contributed to this initiative. 

The Shared Public Spaces Committee is focused on the following areas:
Code of Conduct and Decoding Panhandling
Guide to Sharing Public Spaces
Daytime Engagement for People who are Street Homeless   
Free Meals & Daytime Services Flyer
2017 Annual Report 
Comment Line
Who to Call

Housing Chronically Homeless People 
The City and private partnerships are committed to developing adequate housing for those in need. While much progress has been made there is much more work to do in this area.

Low Barrier Employment
In a majority of situations, employment is the key to long term success. Low barrier employment is a vital component. The City of Philadelphia has partnered with First Step Staffing to provide the support and job opportunities for those individuals that need just a little extra guidance when reentering the workforce.
First Step Staffing
Dave Shaffer
CEO, First Step Staffing
Jason Cosley
Executive Director, First Step Staffing Philadelphia
215-333-3349 ext. 1004 

Jason Zerbe
Vice President & General Manager, First Step Staffing Philadelphia  

We suggest distributing the attached Guide to Sharing Public Spaces, the Free Meals & Daytime Services, and First Step flyers to your building staff members. These tools provide us the opportunity to turn a contentious encounter into one of helping and hope. 
The files are posted on the BOMA website under resources. Assistance is available! 
Shared Public Spaces Update (08.21.2018)