To become a member, please go directly to the membership application. All membership dues are based on one-year unless prorated or otherwise stated (initiation fee). The membership types are listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: Any new member requires a formal approval vote at the Board of Directors meeting which occurs every other month. Payment in full is contingent and required in order for membership to be approved.

Regular Membership:   Individuals, co-partnerships or corporations whose primary purpose of the business is the ownership and/or management of an office, apartment, institutional, loft, public utility of other building requiring active supervision and management in Philadelphia, suburban counties, the State of Delaware and Southern New Jersey. Membership dues are based on the size of the building represented.  The building is considered the member. If your membership falls under this category, please fill out the square footage of the building on the membership application.

Category: Cost for 2021 (Subject to Change)
DUES A: Minimum to 100,000 square feet $810.00
DUES B: 100,000 to 300,000 square feet $1,025.00
DUES C: 300,000 to 600,000 square feet $1,310.00
DUES D: 600,000 to one million square feet $1,660.00
DUES E: 1 million square feet to maximum $2,135.00
Please indicate the square footage of the building on the membership application.

Industrial Manager: 
All buildings, comprising a total project, to include any single building industrial properties, one to two stories in height with more than 5% and less than 50% office area. 
Category Cost for 2021 (Subject to Change)
Industrial Manager $905.00

Asset Manager: 
An individual on a corporate or ownership level, not associated with a particular property but has the responsibility for multiple properties and/or the supervision of other asset or property managers.  Membership dues are $905.00.

Facility Manager
A company or organization whose primary business is not in the real estate industry but who employs an individual or third party whose primary responsibility is to manage the leased and/or owned real estate asset  Membership dues are $825.00.

Associate Membership: 
Individuals, co-owners or representatives of organizations furnishing professional or business services or supplying material goods and/or services to the building management industry.  Company is the member, not individual representative.  Membership dues are $1,020.00in addition to a one-time non-refundable initiation fee of $200.00 (required along with membership application). 

Additional Membership: 
Membership dues are based on one representative per category for both Regular and Associate members and include membership in BOMA International (with the exception of Affiliated and Additional Associate Members). Dues for additional members are $480.00.

Engineering Membership:
Individuals who are employed full time as a building engineer, chief engineer or primarily responsible for the daily operation of a facility (or asset type) covered by the Regular Membership categories set forth herein. Membership dues are $310.00. Please note anyone registering for the Engineering Membership must be affiliated with a building that is an already existing BOMA member.

Student Membership: Any individual who is a full time student (12 credits or more in an academic year) in a business management program, with a concentration in real estate, including property management, facility management and/or real estate investment. Membership dues are $50.00.

Affiliated Member:  Any municipal organization having substantial involvement with regular member building, (i.e. fire, police, and special service districts).  Affiliated members shall be limited to one (1) representative per municipal organization.  Dues are not assessed.

All members are billed on an annual basis in January of each year.  Members joining from January 1 to May 31 pay dues outlined above.  Those members who are billed at the beginning of each year and fail to pay their dues prior to March 31 will be charged a reinstallation fee of $200.00 if they wish to rejoin.  Members joining between June 1 and September 30 will pay prorated 60% of dues outline above.  Members accepted between October and December are entitled to a 15-month membership for the cost of a 12-month membership rate (please note that memberships are approved at Board meetings, typically held every other month). When applicable, members joining between June 1 and September 30 will pay prorated 60% of the year's dues outline. Please go to membership application page to select member type and the prorated cost will be identified there. Thank you.


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