Scholarship: BOMA-BOLR Scholarship Program

To help offset rising costs of higher education, BOMA/Philadelphia and BOLR established its Scholarship Fund, to award scholarships to the children of employees working in member buildings.

The BOMA Philadelphia-BOLR Scholarship Fund is designed to provide financial aid in the form of scholarships for the children of those members affiliated with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 32 BJ, Local 36, who are employed in a BOLR member building. The children of individuals involved full time in the management and/or maintenance of a BOMA member building are also eligible.

For BOMA Associate Members – the scholarship is available to the children of the individual that is currently on file as the representative for the associate member company.

Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors pursuing further education at any non-profit two-year college (community college), four-year college or university, or accredited vocational-technical school. Scholarship funds may be applied to costs for tuition, books and/or fees.

CLICK HERE - The 2021 BOMA-BOLR Scholarship - Applications are now being accepted! 



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