Engage and provide training and resources for Engineer Members & Buildings of BOMA


Identifies and conducts training seminars and technical tours of various facilities in the Philadelphia area.

Recognize a member of your hard-working ENGINEERING TEAM! Nominate your colleague for the BOMA Philadelphia ENGINEER OF THE YEAR (EOTY) AWARD!
  • 5 years or more experience in the building engineering industry
  • Must be a listed BOMA member working in a BOMA member building
    • Click Here if you are not yet a BOMA Engineer Member- only $310!
  • Must be nominated by a member of the building’s property management team
To apply:
  • Property Manager must submit the downloadable form below with complete contact information and a one-paragraph narrative, providing input on the EOTY candidate, including:
  • Contribution to the industry and trade
  • Exemplary engineering skills set
  • Mentoring and growth of direct reports
  • Style of communication with peers and direct reports
  • Tenant interaction
  • BOMA engagement
A property visit at the building of the candidates’ place of employment may be conducted (early May TBD) and will include exploration of the candidates’:
  • Organizational skills
  • Physical plant sophistication & complexity
  • Value placed on personnel development
  • Level of engagement in sustainability
  • Value of customer service
  • Other supervisory/managerial skill sets

Rob Berger
United Building Maintenance 

John Fenstermaker
Independence Blue Cross